AANS Neurosurgeon | Volume 27, Number 2, 2018


Blocking Key Enzyme Halts Parkinson's Disease Symptoms in Mice

In this study, researchers believe they have been able to identify two important clues to fight Parkinson’s disease. The first being that blocking the enzyme c-AbI prevents the disease from occurring in specially bred mice. The second includes placing a tag on a second protein that can signal the presence and progression of the disease. “There were indications that c-AbI activity leads to Parkinson’s disease, and our experiments show there is indeed a connection,” says Ted Dawson, MD, PhD, professor of neurology and director of the Institute for Cell Engineering at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. “There is already a Food and Drug Administration-approved c-AbI inhibiting drug in use for leukemia,” he adds, “so we’re interested in whether it could be used safely against Parkinson’s disease or as a starting point to develop other treatments.” To read more, click here.

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