AANS Neurosurgeon | Volume 28, Number 3, 2019


Submitting Comments and Letters

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Updated June 2013
Comments on articles you have read in the AANS Neurosurgeon or on a topic related to the practice of neurosurgery are very welcome. One goal of the publication is to facilitate open discourse on socioeconomic matters related to the field of neurosurgery, and your comments are an important factor in that discussion.

You are invited to share thoughtful comments related to a particular article by using the “Comments” link at the conclusion of the article. Only your name will be published with online comments, although your e-mail address will be requested and used only for verification. For additional information on what comments should and should not contain, visit the Terms of Use/Privacy Policy.

To be considered for publication in the Letters to the Editor department, correspondence regarding articles published in AANS Neurosurgeon and other topics related to socioeconomic issues in neurosurgery should be sent to aansneurosurgeon@aans.org with Letter to the Editor in the subject line.

The letter must either be pasted into the body of the e-mail message or attached as a Microsoft Word file. Please include your full name, city and state, as well as disclosure of any conflicts of interest, financial or otherwise, that might have bearing on the letter’s content. If your letter responds to a particular article, also be sure to indicate which one prompted you to write.

Correspondence selected for publication may be edited for length, style and clarity. Authorization to publish the correspondence in AANS Neurosurgeon is assumed.

More information about AANS Neurosurgeon is available at www.aansneurosurgeon.org.