AANS Neurosurgeon | Volume 29, Number 1, 2020


The Value of Neurosurgery

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AANS Values ET 1

What is your value? Your net financial worth? Your annual income? The “Part A” revenue you bring to a hospital by patient admissions and OR utilization? The downstream revenue from imaging studies you request? The bonus payments your meaningful EMR use generates? Your upwardly trending Press-Ganey scores?

What about the time you spend with each patient? The phone calls and emails you answer? The planning and preparation you put into each surgery? Your obsessive attention to detail? Your not leaving the OR or the hospital until the patient is okay? Your long days, and longer nights? How about the students you teach and the residents you train? The continuing study you do to make your practice better, or the research you do to make neurosurgery better?

How about your value as a child, spouse, sibling, parent or friend? The time you spend with an ailing relative? The volunteer work you do in your community?  The skill you cultivate as a photographer, musician or athlete? Or maybe the garbage you take out?

Brothers and sisters, you are valuable. There may be “metrics” by which you are measured, and “benchmarks” you have to meet, and many of these may not reflect the years you slogged through school, endured residency or drove yourself to build successful careers in neurosurgery. In the end, you must know that like anyone, your value is inherent — it is who you are and how you conduct yourself as a person, at work, at home and in society.


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