AANS Neurosurgeon | Volume 27, Number 4, 2018


STATLine: Physician Hobbies & Pastimes

“Do not become too deeply absorbed in your profession to exclude all outside interests. No matter what it is, have an outside hobby. When tired of anatomy refresh your minds with Holmes, Keats, Shelley, or Shakespeare.” Sir William Osler

 Physician Burnout and Depression Stats1

  • 42 percent of physicians experience burnout symptoms
  • Primary care specialties such as Internal Medicine (46 percent) and Family Medicine (47 percent) have some of the highest rates of burnout (46 and 47 percent respectively)
  • Female physicians experience higher rates of burnout than males (48 vs 38 percent)
  • Physicians’ jobs are the greatest factor in feelings of burnout

One of the best ways to beat this burnout is to cultivating hobbies and carving out leisure time.

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