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AANS Neurosurgeon | Volume 28, Number 4, 2019


An Intersection of Neurological Surgery and Life

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In this issue of AANS Neurosurgeon, contributors tackle various topics regarding neurosurgical education. This theme represents the most recent vision of the AANS Neurosurgeons’ editor, Dr. Deborah Benzil. Although Dr. Benzil served as a member of the editorial board for a number of years, it was under her leadership from 2015-2019 that the publication achieved new heights including a 330% increase in users and a 169% increase in page views! During the preparation of this issue, the world found itself in unprecedented and uncertain times due to the COVID-19 pandemic; the implications for neurosurgical training, education, and delivery of care were all affected as a result. Dr. Lisa Mulligan served as co-editor for this issue; topics range from the SNS’ position on neurosurgical sub-internships to the vital role of surgical simulation during lockdown.

AANS Neurosurgeon is unique in that it is a publication for neurosurgeons and by neurosurgeons; Dr. Benzil and her predecessors were instrumental in identifying and inviting neurosurgeons with a penchant for writing and drawing to explore the intersection of neurological surgery and all other aspects of life. Please consider contributing to this effort!


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