AANS Neurosurgeon | Volume 27, Number 2, 2018


Grinding Your Teeth? Botulinum Toxin May Help

People who grind or clench their teeth in their sleep, a condition known as bruxism, may get help from injections of botulinum toxin, according to a small study. The drug blocks the signals that tell muscles to contract.

The study of 22 people found that those who received shots of onabotulinum toxin-A were more likely to improve on assessments of their teeth grinding and clenching symptoms than people who received a placebo injection.

“This is a very common problem with no established treatment, so these results are encouraging,” said study author William G. Ondo, MD, of Houston Methodist Hospital in Texas and a member of the American Academy of Neurology. “A larger study is needed to confirm these exciting results.”

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