AANS Neurosurgeon | Volume 27, Number 2, 2018


Exploring the Link Between Infection and Alzheimer's

There has recently been a growing body of Alzheimer’s disease research that has found its way into other studies. This research is suggesting that Alzheimer’s disease is caused by some sort of infectious trigger. Without this trigger, the disease would not occur. If this is the case, doctors would be able to potentially prevent the disease from occurring. Also, this could be the first link in a chain of events. The infection could begin to cause cells in the brain to malfunction and produce too much waste leading to the tau and amyloid buildup that is synonymous with the disease. “The ‘waste’ blocks the ability of the cell to create chemical messengers within the cells as well as the ability to communicate with other cells,” said Balin. “Once the cells begin to misbehave, they continue until they die. As these cells die, the ones they communicate with die. This process then continues along typical cognitive pathways leading to further functional and cognitive deficits.” To read more, click here.

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