AANS Neurosurgeon | Volume 24, Number 4, 2015



Neurosurgical Value in Health-care Reform, Reconciling Quality and Safety

The "Value" of a Health-care Provider

Point: Regionalization of Emergency Neurosurgical Care Improves Patient Outcomes

Counterpoint: Keep it Close to Home

Neurosurgery Responds to Changes in Quality Reporting, Payment Systems

Neurosurgery: Is Our Specialty Becoming a Commodity?

Negotiation Pearls: Tips for the World of Value


Financial Forethought: The Real Value of a Neurosurgeon to a Hospital: What the CEO Should Know

Editorial License: The Value of Neurosurgery

Resident's Forum: Down the Rabbit Hole: Attempting to Decipher the Value and Salaries of Neurosurgical Residents

Practice Management: Harmony or Discord: Quality and Cost in an Academic Medical Center

Timeline: Timeline: Milton D. Heifetz, MD (1921-2015), An American Story

Medicolegal: Share the Wealth: Extending Valuable Neurosurgical Care and the Legal Considerations Thereof

Patient Safety: Quality, Safety and the Physician Handoff, Part II

Bookshelf: Health Care in the Digital Age

International: An Interview with Dr. Lado Tsikarishvili

Inside Neurosurgeon

President's Perspective: The Value of Neurosurgery and Its Role in Innovation

AANS International: Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day: Building Upon our Neurosurgical Foundation at the WFNS 15th Interim Meeting

AANS International: The Mexican Society of Neurological Surgeons Congress: A Neurosurgeon’s Paradise

Washington Watch: Neurosurgeons Partner With AMA Task Force to Reduce Opioid Abuse

NPA Report: N2QOD, NPA to Launch New Projects in 2016

Peer-Reviewed Research

Use of Personalized Video Recordings May Reduce Patient Phone Calls and Save Providers Money


Gray Matters: Bringing Polemic Issues with Inchoate Guidelines into Sharper Focus

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Chicago Review Course in Neuro
Jan. 28- Feb 7, 2016; Chicago, Ill.

2016 Managing Coding and Reimbursement Challenges
Feb. 4-6, 2016; San Diego, Calif.

15th Annual Symposium on Current Concepts in Spinal Disorders
Feb. 4-6, 2016; Las Vegas, Nev.

9th Annual CSRS Workshop
Feb. 18-20, 2016; St. Louis, Mo.

American Academy of Pain Medicine 32nd Annual Meeting
Feb. 18-21, 2016; Palm Springs, Calif.

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